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Welcome to the former website of the California Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Association.  This site is in the process of being decommissioned.  Please visit the current site at www.ccbsa.info.  Thank you!  





The mission of the California Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Association (CCBSA) is to provide a professional network of shared-resources to further our collective goal.


Members of the Association serve as leaders by pursuing advancements in business technology, emulating exemplary public service, and demonstrating progressive administrative skills while embracing the challenges of serving a diverse and ever-changing public.

The Association enables its members to share innovative business solutions by fulfilling the professional responsibilities associated with serving elected officials.

Members of this "results-oriented" group of professionals gain inspiration from mentoring others, exude pride and excellence in public service, and endeavor to lead by example while continually seeking professional growth and development opportunities to better serve our public.





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